Thankfully, 3 Corona Patients (Covid 19) Jambi Heal!

Dalam Sehari Angka Positif
WHO resmi memberikan nama covid-19 untuk virus Corona baru dari Wuhan. (Shutterstock)

Thankfully, 3 Corona Patients (Covid 19) Jambi Heal!

JAMBISERU.COM – Although the positive patient corona virus or covid-19 in Jambi today, Sunday (05/10/2020) increased by two people. However, there is also good news.

Based on data from, as of May 10, 2020, patients recovering from the corona virus in Jambi have reached 3 people.

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In total there were 3 patients recovered, meaning that in Jambi there were an additional two patients who were cured. Previously, in Jambi, only one person recovered from the corona virus or Covid-19

The three patients who recovered were still not getting an official answer from the Jambi Province Covid 19 taskforce task force team, who was the patient’s identity and origin.

Meanwhile, on this day too, corona virus cases globally have reached 4,038,747. whereas, in Indonesia the confirmed case of corona virus in Indonesia has reached 14,032. Then, 2,698 cases of patients recovered and 973 cases died.

To note, people in monitoring (ODP) as many as 248,690. Then, patients under surveillance (PDP) totaled 30,317. (Uda)

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