Many ODP Wander, Tebo Health Office Will Create Special Isolation Places

Kadinkes Tebo, Dr Riana Elizabeth. Foto : Rian/

Many ODP Wander, Tebo Health Office Will Create Special Isolation Places

Jambi – Head of the Tebo Health Office (Kadinkes), Dr. Riana Elizabeth, said she was worried about the increasing number of Corona or Covid-19 infections in Tebo.

He explained, his concern was very reasonable. Because he saw, awareness of the status of people in the State of Insider Monitoring (ODP) is still low. There are still many ODP who do not do independent isolation for 14 days. Though it has become their obligation.

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“Like a married couple (Pasutri) from the lemongrong lemongrong sub-district, if they had complied and implemented an independent isolation protocol, the number of ODP in Tebo would not have increased,” Riana explained, when contacted by cellphone on Friday (05/01/2020) .

Riana added, her concern was growing, after hearing that 15 ODP from Muaro Tabir District also did not do independent isolation. In fact, the 15 ODP have made direct contact with positive patients Corona from Merangin.

“I got a lot of ODP reports in Muaro Tabir that still do not do independent isolation, instead they do activities as usual,” he said.

Based on the report, Riana assessed that the level of public awareness of the Covid-19 transmission there was still very low. The Kadinkes also mentioned that he had reported this problem to the Tebo Regent, who was the chair of the Tebo Co-19 Handling Task Force.

“I have conveyed that in the meeting of the Covid-19 Tebo task force and the Regent as the chairman, I asked for more active participation from the subdistrict health center, the National Police and the TNI to oversee the ODP during their independent isolation,” said Riana again.

As a solution to the problem, according to Riana, the Regent asked himself to find a place to isolate the ODP. Because according to the Regent, of just two people, could produce 80 ODP. So that there are no more positive corona patients in Tebo district.

“According to him, ODP who have conducted Ravid tests to provide a place for independent isolation that can be monitored together, so they really do independent isolation do not make physical contact with other communities,” he said.

Riana said that currently only Rusunawa (Rusunawa) Flats existed at the Sultan Taha Saefudin Regional Hospital (STS) Tebo, which was proposed to be a place of independent isolation for those of the ODP who had conducted the Ravid test.

“If it is only Rusunawa that we use as a place of independent isolation, in the future it may increase or change depending on the situation of the spread of the Covid-19 pendemi in Tebo,” he concluded. (Yan)

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