Quota-Credit Sales in Jambi Increase, Despite Crisis Amid Corona Outbreak

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Salah satu kios penjual pulsa dan kuota di jambi. Foto: Cr01/Jambiseru.com
Salah satu kios penjual pulsa dan kuota di jambi. Foto: Cr01/Jambiseru.com

Quota-Credit Sales in Jambi Increase, Despite Crisis Amid Corona Outbreak

JAMBI – Undeniably, the outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), has a big impact on the economy. The crisis hit this country, including Jambi. But strangely, in the midst of an outbreak, credit sales or internet quota actually increased in the city of Jambi.

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Pantau Biru (Jambiseru.com), Friday (4/24/2020), since the appeal to move from home, such as; work, school and college from home, the internet needs of Jambi City residents have increased dramatically.

Alexander (30), the owner of a cellphone counter in the Mayang area, claimed, in the midst of the Corona outbreak, credit sales and quotas increased by 20-30 percent per month.

“Dominant customers come at night,” said Alex Koko-greeting Alexander, Friday (4/24/2020).
Almost all cellular operators get this “blessing”. For example Smartfren. One of the Smartfren employees at the Telanaipura regional counter, Riza (20), said that currently Smartfren quota sales have increased by more than 30 percent.

“Since the move policy was issued at home, our sales have increased,” he said.
The same thing was also admitted by Lusi (24), an employee of one of the HP counters on Jalan Captain Pattimura. Quota and pulse sales are still stable.

“Right now (HP sales) are indeed rather quiet, most of the visitors who come buy quota and credit,” said Lusi.

Kamelia (31), a housewife, admitted, although her husband’s income has decreased, the need for internet quota should still be met.

“For the next few months, it is still buying quotas. Now it has become a necessity because right now my child goes to school from home (online learning, red), “said the mother of two children.

Increasing the need for the internet is also experienced by Arafat (38), an online motorcycle taxi driver (Ojol).
“Since children learn from home, when they go home, cellphones are often used by children to study, and send assignments,” said a resident of Telanaipura, Jambi City, this.

The same thing was experienced by Doni (43), a family head who lives in the Kelurahan of Bagan Pete, Jambi City. He claimed the quota was a bit extravagant than before.

“When I was home, I watched more cellphones to repeat myself,” Doni said, met at one of the HP counters in the Telanipura area.

Then what about cable internet services like Indihome? Are there still a lot of customers or are they even decreasing?

Ari (32), a Mayang resident, one of Indihome’s customers, said that since the appeal for activities at home, the need for internet has increased from before.

“Use a wasteful quota, a week is up if you often open youtube. So next month is still an indihome subscription, “said Ari.

The same thing happened to Aldi (29), a resident of the village of Selamet, Jambi City, he expressed the same thing. There will still be Indihome subscriptions for the next few months.

“While at home BAE, a lot of browsing the internet, especially open youtube to find the latest information and hilarious,” said Aldi. (cr01)

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